I draw from many forms of therapy including  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy which has been called therapy for rapid change and Conflict Resolution therapy for couples.  ACT includes values oriented psychotherapy and cognitive behavior therapy.  Do you know what you truly value, not what you should? Is your behavior, pain or self-judgment getting in the way? You do not need to eliminate your feelings to have the life you desire, but you can give up the internal struggle. ACT is based on acceptance, compassion, staying present to yourself and the present moment while moving toward behavior in alignment with your values. Conflict Resolution therapy teaches skills to enable couples to improve communication and come to win-win solutions and strengthen their relationship.


As a psychologist, I have worked with individuals, couples, families and groups on a wide variety of issues.  I have  also been a workshop presenter and speaker on the topics of addiction, codependency and sexuality.

While a chemical dependency counselor, I was a group and individual therapist with alcoholics, drug addicts and families in both inpatient and outpatient settings. I started the first women’s group at the treatment center.  I also worked as a case manager/therapist for mentally ill and chemically dependent dually diagnosed adults and provided therapy relating to psychosis, anxiety, depression and conflict resolution.

I have worked as an administrator in an organization providing services to the severely mentally ill and supervised a staff of ten. This included leading staff meetings, organizing and overseeing the daily work load, meeting weekly with individual case managers and staff psychiatrist, and serving as a spokesperson at inter-agency meetings.

As an employment counselor, I administered and interpreted aptitude tests, counseled clients on work related and personal issues and facilitated clients entry into the world of work.

As the University of North Dakota’s Counseling Center Director of Testing, duties included administering personality, intelligence, and aptitude tests as well as the ACT, Graduate Record Exam, Law School Admission Test, Medical College Admission Test and other preprofessional exams.


My degrees include: Master of Science in Education, Counseling and Guidance; and  Bachelor of Science in Social Work.  I have completed the University of Minnesota’s Program in Human Sexuality training for chemical dependency counselors, The Family Therapy Institute’s family systems training program and the Coaches Training Institute’s Core Program.

I have had additional training in Compassionate Communication with Marshall Rosenberg, Family Systems with Burt Hellinger, Sensate Experiencing as trauma release with Peter Levine and Awakening to the Power of Awareness with Richard Moss.



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